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Finding our own summer

This summer will be different and more subdued, but it will not affect the Icelandic festival uniform. This uniform has evolved and lasted for decades: a combination of outdoor clothing, wool sweaters, and fisherman workwear. It is Icelandic summer after all, and you must stay warm and dry.

Snæfell Neoshell jacket

The jacket is designed for optimum performance and all seasons and can be worn over a mid-layer and insulation jackets. Now available in new colours for summer.

Turning obstacles into motivation


ag九游会注册"You always think there’s something magical about the success of your role models. The reality is that you just have to be dedicated and put in a lot of hard work"

Stay safe, stay active

We met with a few of our friends and found out how they'll be keeping themselves busy in the coming weeks. They shared a number of guides and maps with us for running, hiking, and wilderness isolation in Iceland.

Kria Capsule

So last season

Crafted out of leftover Polartec Neoshell and fleece fabrics from last year's products, the new Kría capsule unites our heritage inspired 90‘s design with a long-term sustainability commitment to never throw away product or materials.

New arrivals

ag九游会注册Explore our new arrivals. Autumn-winter collection for men and women.

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